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This week we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary at CFA. We have loved having each of you as part of our community!  We’ve seen so many PRs, failed attempts, retrys, tears, blood, and gallons of sweat. You guys make us what were are at CrossFit Amarillo. Keep coming in and working harder than you did the day before.

Here are some things we’ve learned in two years at CFA:

Toni only wears a shirt on his drive to the gym

We can do what we set our mind to, (MistleToe Meltdown ’16, BombCity Battle’17, whoop!)

Coach’s are humans and have feelings too

Wolf pack will always do what it wants

Aaron really is nice once you get to know him

NO ONE likes running, except Jimmy…

CFA water is the best in Amarillo

No matter how many times coach asks “are there any questions?” and get no response, when it’s time to start the WOD, SOMEONE always has questions.

Our people are the greatest!!

We would love to hear your favorite things from the past two years! Post to our Members Facebook page for more comments!

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