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CrossFit Amarillo will be hosting the first Faith RX’d chapter meeting this Friday night at 6:00pm. Please join us, EVERYone is welcome. All gyms, all faiths, come together to body, soul, and mind.

 Passion Wod

100 double unders

800M barbell carry

100 burpees

The workout was designed to help remind athletes of the pain and suffering Jesus experienced that day when He laid down His life in an act of sacrificial love for the human race.
The double unders remind us of the lashings he received for us. The barbell carry is symbolic of him carrying the cross and taking the weight of our sin upon himself. The burpees signify him conquering death by rising again.

Each one of these movements is scalable and adaptable to where the athletes fitness level is, so don’t be intimidated! Bring a friend as we prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday.

If you want to know more check out the Faith RX’d Amarillo chapter page or


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