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Once you hit 40, you’re past your prime, right? Or is it 50? Or 35?

Regardless, you certainly can’t gain strength in your 50s. The best you can do is maintain your fitness or slow its demise. And by the time you’re 60, you definitely shouldn’t work out with intensity anymore; it’s too hard on your body.


Laila Benkrima, 55, doesn’t think so. She did her first pull-up at 53, and today she has a 200-lb. deadlift—85 lb. heavier than three years ago.

Landon Barretto, 56, also doesn’t think so. Barretto did his first bar muscle-up at the age of 50 and his first ring muscle-up at 52. A 10-year CrossFit veteran, he continues to make progress today.

And Dion Walmsley certainly doesn’t think older athletes need to slow down. Walmsley placed third at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in the Masters Men 50-54 Division. When he started CrossFit nine years ago at 42, he lacked flexibility.

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